How To Get Cheap Flights

Lately it seems that where ever I look there are travel deals which are too good to ignore.

I am always asked how I manage to get cheap flights or gorgeous 5 star accommodation at rock bottom prices.

When I was first asked that question I said, “I guess I’m just lucky”.

Tiger Air Feature Logo

Tiger Air Logo

Upon further reflection I realised that luck had nothing to do with my $2000 saving on a trip to the USA. So I started to come up with a few pointers to saving money on travel.

Cheap Travel - Pin

Cheap Travel – Pin

How to Get Cheap Flights

  1. Start collecting information a long time before you want to travel.
  2. Subscribe to Airline Newsletters. Choose airlines that travel your routes of interest and subscribe so you are kept up to date with special offers. I currently subscribe to:
    • TigerAir
    • Scoot
    • Jetstar
    • Qantas
    • Air Malaysia (I figure there are some bargain fares on the way.)
  3. Know the normal rates for your destination. Make a note of the cheapest fare you have ever seen advertised for your destination.
  4. Take a peek at fares for any country which may be of interest down the track. Mentally note the pricing or even print out the fare webpage and add it to your travel file.
  5. Download Skyscanner for your mobile device. Periodically check the flights to you destinations.  Skyscanner compares all the main airlines on any given routes.  I usually find this app to be the cheapest way to go unless a spot special comes up.
  6. Let you friendly travel agent know where you are looking to travel. Inform them of the discount prices you have seen and let them know to notify you when that fare becomes available again. Here is my list:
    • Bali $250
    • Singapore $139
    • USA $500
    • NZ $199
    • Cairns $30

    These are all fares I have secured in the last 18 months. A good travel agent will let you know when they see something at the price you are after.

  7. Be very flexible with your travel dates.  I never have any preconceived ideas of when we will take a holiday. Instead I tell myself, when I can get LA for $500 we will take a holiday that suits those flight restrictions.
  8. Don’t allow cookie tracking on your visits to airline and hotel booking sites. Each return visit will be monitored and a higher flight rate will be offered online the more times you return. DELETE BROWSER COOKIES.
  9. Be prepared to travel one of the trip legs outside of peak periods.
  10. Discount wholesale flight websites and resellers. Recently I was approached to purchase an advance flight package. I will let you know how that goes, we are travelling as a family to Perth, the cost $99 each return. The proviso is we stay for two weeks in an listed apartment.  The apartment suits us so I decided to try the offer. I will let you know how it goes.
Flight Centre Logo

Flight Centre Logo

We usually have three international holidays each year.  We will also take a gourmet mini break if I find discount local fares that are too good to resist. Finding discount fares is the key to all our travel.

The advent of low cost airlines, and high levels of competition means the consumer has become the winner.

It is now cheaper than ever to getaway for a gourmet holiday. Hopefully you will have more change in your pocket to enjoy some of the finer things whilst on vacation.

I hope this has been a helpful article. I love travelling and discovering new places, and I trust I ‘ve given an insight into how I make air travel more affordable for our family.

Shortly I will follow up with an article on how to find affordable luxury accommodation on a budget.

Have you secured an unbelievable cheap flight? What is your secret?

Is there a website or carrier you love.  Share the love so we can all check them out.