Travelling in style and living in luxury is something many people just can’t afford, or they’re limited to saving hard all year round for one fleeting moment before heading back to the grindstone.

But there are a few travel hacks that can have you globetrotting around the world and staying in some exotic locations for nothing. Or next to nothing!

Below I’m going to share with you a few tricks that you can take advantage of and really live it up.

We’ll start with the bargain of the century.

1. House Sitting – Plan your holiday around somebody else’s

House sitting has taken off, it’s kind of always been around in some form, but now as technology has evolved, choice and variety are at your fingertips.

People are getting free accommodation in some stunning properties while the owners are either on holidays themselves or away working.

Some people do this full time and plan their stays ahead to coincide with the homeowner’s arrangements.

Reputable websites like  provide an avenue for people around the world to advertise for people to stay in their place and make it look lived in.

Sometimes there will be a few minor chores to be done like feeding the cat or watering the plants in exchange for free accommodation in idyllic locations.

Think about it, most people who travel often are wealthy and tend to live in desirable locations. They’re just looking for reliable trustworthy people to look after their prized possession in exchange for a little luxury.

We live near a Sydney Beach and housesitting is quite common around here. People are living in houses that they’d never dreamt of (mansions to some) “right on the beach”. Some of these houses would normally fetch rents more than $1000 per week.

House Sitting is happening all around the world.

There are people that housesit almost full time in some of Sydney’s most affluent suburbs; they take good care of the places that they stay in and get asked back by the owners by gaining their trust.

Housesitters vary from the young student to couples and retirees as long as you sound (and are) safe you’ll have a lot of success and could make a hobby out of it.

To find house sitting assignments join a reputable house sitting website like House Carers who’ve been around for nearly 20yrs and have lots of advertisers located around the world.

2. Home Exchange – Swap homes with people around the country or the world

House swapping is another free accommodation method but with one important requirement, you must own a house! If you do, though, this is an excellent way to see the world, your country or just swap for the weekend.

Exchanging homes is a win-win arrangement where you swap your house with another homeowner somewhere else for an agreed period.

Not only do you swap places but a lot of the time you can come to an agreement for swapping cars, which eliminates the expense of car hire.

The Benefits of Home Exchange Arrangements:

  • It’s free, apart from the home exchange websites annual fee, which is less than one-night accommodation in a cheap hotel
  • You have all the amenities of a house, so a kitchen will save a heap on eating out
  • Fancy your own swimming pool? If the house has one, it’s all yours!
  • Many people have gear for activities in their location, fishing rods, canoes, surfboards, bicycles, etc.
  • Your house or apartment will most likely be in safer hands considering the people staying there are in the same position as you.
  • You could probably travel far more often

With home exchange arrangements the only expense you have is the small membership fee and the price of getting yourself there unless you’re swapping homes with Richard Branson and he throws in a free flight.

The two sites for Home Exchange Arrangements are:


3. Major Travel & Accommodation Websites

If you’re looking for something last minute or can’t arrange any of the options above the next place to look for accommodation deals are the major booking websites.

Private pool at Peppers Salt Kingscliff

Our very own private pool at Peppers Salt Kingscliff, connected to a two-bed apartment with spa kitchen and laundry for $220 per night outside of holiday season.

You can research Tripadvisor and try some of the other websites, but for us when it comes to looking and landing hotel deals we use every time. We’re not saying that because we’re affiliated as we’re affiliated with Tripadvisor too (and some others).

We’re saying it because is the biggest and best when it comes to deals.

Try it, look for a hotel on and then look at Tripadvisor, Tripadvisor will most likely point you to anyway.


Our tips for getting the best hotel and accommodation deals.

  1. Book outside of school holidays
  2. Book outside of public holidays
  3. Don’t forget Sunday! Sunday nights often get overlooked but Sunday night is often the loneliest day in a hotel. Most people check out Sunday to work Monday.
  4. If you’re the type that can “wing it” you will often pick up some deals at the last minute, within 24hrs of your booking that are considerably cheaper.
  5. If you’re booking a long time ahead, stick within the tips above but experiment with days and dates. Try Sunday night and check out Friday or before, it’s bound to be cheaper than Friday to Wednesday, a Five day trip during the week could very well end up being half the cost of a 7-day trip that includes weekends. Get a bit clever!
  6. A valuable tip: If you’re looking to book that day keep the webpage open or clear your cookies and browser cache before you visit the site again. Why? Because many travel sites use cookies to detect a second visit through your web browser. Research shows that a good percentage of people revisiting for a second time are on the verge of purchasing. When the website detects this, the price often increases, not always and not on very site, but sometimes.

Our aim is to “travel better for longer more often”. We do that by rearranging the way we holiday and travel. We find the best way is to plan (or not plan at all) our trips is to be in contrast with how most other people do. When supply is high, and demand is low.