You may have noticed I have been including stories recently about foods from various holiday destinations. When I plan a getaway one of the first things I do is research the local cuisine.  It occurred to me that I should be sharing these amazing insights with readers.  Perhaps I can tempt your tastebuds and you will plan your own Gourmet Getaway.

An appetising insight into Caribbean cuisine

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Thanks to its laid-back way of life, perpetual warm climate and truly remarkable shoreline vistas, it is little wonder why so many people visit the Caribbean on holiday. With over 700 islands to choose from, every type of tourist and traveller has a perfect island destination beckoning.

But regardless of whether you are travelling to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Martinique or Montserrat, it’s sampling the spellbinding and succulent flavours of Caribbean cuisine that entices me the most.

So, for a little insight into what you can expect to eat in this heavenly region of the world, here is a quick guide:

Jamaican BBQ

Jamaican BBQ

What to eat – Caribbean Cuisine


Perhaps the most famous dish hailing from the Caribbean, jerk refers to a spicy dry or wet rub, which is applied to chicken, fish or any other meat for that matter. Once the meat has absorbed this flavour, it is smoked or grilled in a steel drum or fire pit and served with rice, vegetables or simply on its own.

Caribbean Cuisine - Jerk Chicken

Caribbean Cuisine – Jerk Chicken

This is very much the signature flavour of Jamaica and available in virtually every restaurant and eatery across the island. Most of the time, it is just as hot as the blazing Caribbean sun. The process is very similiar to the story I shared on Barbeque Smokers, so you can give this example of Caribbean cuisine a try before your trip, although the rubs will be a little different.


This dish can containing every vegetable imaginable, from aubergines and okra to squash and potatoes, or simply beef. Pepperpot is a type of thick and rich stew, which makes the most of whatever grows in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Beef Pepperpot

Caribbean Beef Pepperpot

Cassava root is a common ingredient and adds flavour as well as the dark brown colour.  The dish is often served with Jamaican hard dough bread or cornmeal dumplings. No two recipes seem to be alike, so I’m guessing you should  you something completely different each time you order this dish.


Considering the Caribbean’s location, it is no surprise that one of the region’s biggest staples is fresh seafood.

Jamaican Jerk Fish

Jamaican Jerk Fish

Flying fish used has always provided much-needed sustenance for sailors crossing the Atlantic.  This tender whitefish is absolutely delicious and extremely popular in Barbados and the Windward Islands. Grouper steaks are definitely worth trying, while shellfish make for a great snack at beachside bars.


Similar to lamb but just a little bit leaner, goat is enjoyed all over the Caribbean and takes a variety of different forms.

Curried goat served with potatoes and jams is a quintessential dish in the major countries, but several smaller islands specialise in creating hearty broths and stews. In the Cayman Islands, it is known as mannish water and includes the goat’s head and foot too.

Caribbean Cuisine - Goat Curry

Caribbean Cuisine – Goat Curry

Goat is prepared throughout the Caribbean. on every island. Recipe vary  from island to island but the similarity is slow cooking until tender. The meat is cooked until it literally falls off the bones.

Caribbean Cuisine is varied and the meals are laid back. Perhaps it’s an extension of the Caribbean’s outlook towards life. Looking at these dishes I’m sure I would be “not so nonchalantly” rushing for second servings.

Have I missed any Caribbean foods that should be on the Caribbean Cuisine guide? If so let me know so we can add it to the list.