Quickest Ever Homemade Indian Chapati Bread

Today I’m sharing a super quick recipe for homemade chapati bread. Chapati is an Indian flatbread which is commonly eaten with most meals in an Indian household. I think of the Indian chapati like the Mexican Corn Tortilla.  The bread is made in homes every day, to serve with each meal.

Indian Chapati thermomix bread recipe

Indian Chapati Thermomix Bread Recipe

Unlike Australia and the US, when a curry is served it consists predominately of sauce. Presumably, this is because meat is so expensive. The bread is used to mop up the sauce and make the dish more filling. The sauce is my favourite part of the curry, so I’m happy to devour a basket of chapati as I eat.

Homemade Chapati Indian thermomix bread

Homemade Chapati

Because I’ve been sharing a lot of my favourite curry recipes with you recently I felt it was remiss of me not to give you an authentic flatbread to mop up all that delicious sauce.

Finished Chapati Recipe

Finished Indian Chapati Bread Recipe

Therefore today I want to show you just how easy it is to make a chapati. The dough is made with just two ingredients, Atta flour and water. Atta flour is a less processed Indian flour, a little bit like wholemeal flour. Happily, the flour is usually available at Woolworths.

Atta Flour

Atta Flour

When I was a young girl I used to watch the neighbouring Indian restaurant prepare chapati ready for the evening service. The most amazing thing about the bread is watching it puff up. When the bread is cooking it become almost like a fragile round ball. As soon as the chapati is taken off the heat it flattens back down again. It seemed to me almost like a magic trick.

Chapati bread ready to eat

Chapati bread ready to eat

The funny thing is, I never imagined how easy it would be to make my own chapati! Take a look below at the recipe. It’s only brief, full instructions are available in An Indian ThermoKitchen Cookbook.  This cookbook features 28 authentic Indian recipes.

Indian Bread

Indian Bread

Chapati Profile Pic

How to Make Homemade Indian Chapati Bread

Author: Julie
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  • Atta Flour
  • warm Water


  1. This an exclusive recipe from "An Indian ThermoKitchen"
  2. The full instructions are available when you purchase the book.
  3. If you want to make this dish for dinner tonight rest assured the digital version will be available within 5 minutes of purchase and the hard copy of the book will follow in the post.

Given that you will be making chapati like a pro, you’ll need to choose a curry to accompany them. I have just released a cookbook called “An Indian ThermoKitchen” which has 20 delicious Indian recipes. Here are some of my favourites.

Lamb Korma Recipe

Lamb Korma Recipe

In fact, based on restaurant menus I think these must be everyone’s favourites. Lamb Korma and the Mango Chicken.

Indian Mango Chicken Curry

Indian Mango Chicken Curry

If you prefer a vegetarian or vegan curry I also have a Lentil Dahl Recipe that’s a real winner. Regardless of which dish you choose to accompany your chapati with I’m sure you will enjoy them.

Indian Dahl Profile

Delicious Indian Dahl made with Thermomix


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