Waking up on our final morning at Plantation Bay Resort & Spa was “half-and-half”. Half excited to see the sunrise by the beach and to rejuvenate at the Mogambo Springs Spa. Also half reluctant to leave what we considered a holiday paradise. Day by day, hour by hour the resort swept us away. Nonetheless, I was also excited to check out and have lunch at Savannah Grill where fast food was served in style.

Plantation Bay Sunrise

Plantation Bay Sunrise

Plantation Bay - Volleyball

Plantation Bay – Volleyball

After sunrise, we strolled around to soak up the charms of Plantation Bay one last time. On the dot at 10 AM, we were at the lobby of the spa. It was right across the Nile Hall where we stayed for two nights.

Spa 1

Spa 1

The friendly spa attendants welcomed us with a short tour of Mogambo Springs. The spa had that Asian-inspired look where wood and bamboo were prominent. As I turned to the right, I suddenly ached to plunge into the hot thalassic pool. There were separate mini hot and cold saltwater and freshwater pools with jacuzzi jets. The calming sound of the water…silence with nature…serenity with the chirping of the birds.

Mogambo Springs - Spa 2

Mogambo Springs – Spa 2

Spa 2

Spa 2

Time flew fast my body didn’t want to leave the pool. But our stomachs were pulling us to the call of house made burgers at the Savannah Grill.

Mogambo Springs - Spa

Mogambo Springs – Spa

After an invigorating steam bath at the spa, we took a quick shower and checked out. Leaving our bags at the concierge we headed on to Savannah Grill.

Savannah Grill was the most casual of all the four restaurants operated by Plantation Bay. It is highlighted by a water emitting volcano lodged near a hot pool. Guests may opt to dine by the poolside while enjoying the waters.



We ordered two types of burgers – Powerhouse and Banzai. The food here were categorised as “fast food”, but tasting the patty was far from being one. The chefs make the burgers from scratch. On the first bite, the juices oozed out of the tender, chargrilled meat. I skipped the condiments having satisfied with the slightly peppered, slightly salted, lump of pure beef. Oh, and the melted cheese of course was a great company.

Savannah Grill - Powerhouse Burger

Savannah Grill – Powerhouse Burger

The Banzai Burger was more for those wanting more flavours, like teriyaki sauce. Though I liked the powerhouse better, everyone loved how the onion rings were made. Ultra thin, light and crispy. Even my friend who hated onions managed to eat a handful. Again, this was the best onion rings we all have tasted severally and jointly ;P.

Savannah Grill - Banzai Burger with Onion Rings

Savannah Grill – Banzai Burger with Onion Rings

I had also ordered the Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich that came with fries. It was expectedly a sandwich on the sweet side but its addition gave a complete balanced trio on our table. And it was good with the banana slices looking fresh and not soggy.

Savannah Grill - Grilled Banana Peanut Butter

Savannah Grill – Grilled Banana Peanut Butter

Speaking of peanut butter, have you read about the milkshake that captured our hearts the first time at Fiji Restaurant?  Savannah Grill offered it, too! This time, my friend didn’t want to be outwitted and ordered it in a heartbeat. Ohhh…that milky-choc union and their nutty offspring was absolutely to die for!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake

Savannah Grill - Dining Area

Savannah Grill – Dining Area

Leaving Savannah Grill left a smile on our faces. It had officially ended our Plantation Bay escapade.

The four of us went on with the best of memories to share. Great times. Superb food. Joie de vivre.

Plantation Bay Logo

Plantation Bay Logo

Savannah Grill - Logo

Savannah Grill – Logo

Gourmet Getaways dined as guests of Savannah Grill. The opinions contained in this review are written without bias and in accordance with Gourmet Getaways’ disclosure policy. 

Savannah Grill @ Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Marigondon, Mactan Island
Cebu, Philippines 6015
T: +6332 505-9800
F: +6332 236-4821 
Open 10AM – 8PM.
Closed on Tuesdays.