The Villas of Byron Bay – THE place to stay!

Staying in a five star property which exudes luxury brings with it an instant sense of calm. It’s like taking a long breath out, a sigh… ahh! The Villas of Byron is just such a property.

The Villa's of Byron Bay Entrance

The Villa’s of Byron Bay Entrance

The villas are completely private and surrounded by a 9ft high rendered wall. A carved wooden door acts as the entrance to an inner sanctum.  Opening the outer Balinese style door of the villa gives guests the first insight into the tranquility which lays beyond.

The Villa's of Byron Entrance

The Villa’s of Byron Entrance

A pond complete with fish, lilies, a water feature and four grey stepping stones is revealed. Crossing the paved steps which stand just centimetres above the water line lies the entrance to our home for the night.

The Villa's of Byron Entrance Pond

The Villa’s of Byron Entrance Pond

I may have only taken a few steps inside the villa, but I already felt the busyness of the day leave me. I was one with this oasis.

Pond Around Byron Bay Villa

Pond Around Byron Bay Villa

The water moat surrounds most areas of the villa and is visible from the lounge and one of the bedrooms. This serene landscape served to bring the tranquillity of the outside into each of these rooms. 

Water Feature - From Bedroom

Water Feature – From Bedroom

Walking into the expansive living room, the rear courtyard was the next touch of luxury which took my breath away. A gorgeous heated plunge pool beckoned.  The water flowed from a stainless steel spout adding a relaxed water sound to the oasis.
Private Plunge Pool - Byron Villas

Private Plunge Pool – Byron Villas

Attached to the pool was the Spa which was heated to a glorious 30 degrees. I marvelled at the raked, white pebbles which gave the space a real “zen” feeling. Plantings were lush and green, which completed this private paradise beautifully.

Villa's of Byron - Outdoor Area

Villa’s of Byron – Outdoor Area

The courtyard was ready for lazy entertaining. It included a huge Balinese day lounge, BBQ and a dining table with candles and a sand feature.  The space would easily suit two couples or a family.
Byron Bay Villas

Byron Bay Villas

Again the view of this picturesque scene could be enjoyed from most living areas inside the villa.  Large expansive windows brought the outside indoors.

Byron Bay Villa Lounge and Kitchen

Byron Bay Villa Lounge and Kitchen

The property manager walked me through the villa and explained all the additional creature comforts.  The Balinese music I was hearing was controlled by a state of the art entertainment system which included ceiling speakers in the various rooms which could be turned on or off.  We were able to connect our own phone for a personalised music selection or choose from music which was available in the villa. Each villa also featured under floor heating in the lounge, kitchen and bedrooms. Wifi was fast and complimentary.
The lounge room featured a high ceiling with a pitched roof.  The roof was lined with bamboo and two skylight brought even more natural light into the property. The dining room table had seating for 4 people and included a huge fruit basket in the centre.
Arrival Strawberries and Sparkling Wine

Arrival Strawberries and Sparkling Wine

In the fridge we found a bottle of chilled sparkling wine and a martini glass full of fresh, cold strawberries. Absolutely everything had been thought of for this romantic getaway weekend.
We were told the fruit basket, strawberries and sparkling wine was a complimentary inclusion for each stay.
Living Area

Living Area

Also in the loungeroom were two six seater lounges, they were adorned with the most sumptuous warm blankets, in case of cooler weather. I can imagine how luxurious it would feel to cosy into a blanket with a glass of sparkling and my hubby. Given we were having warmer weather we didn’t need to utilise the blankets.

The beauty of the property and the attention to detail was evident in each room. I chose the bedroom with a four poster bed.  It had been dressed with sumptuous white linen and white drapes hung from the frame. Frangipani’s decorated the bed and were repeated in the bathroom.
Byron Villa Master Bedroom

Byron Villa Master Bedroom

The bath had a gorgeous view to yet another private courtyard.  The white stones were again racked into designs in the courtyard. More statues and water features added ambiance, and plantings completed the tranquility and privacy of the space.
Main Bath - with Courtyard View

Main Bath – with Courtyard View

A feature I haven’t seen in Australia was this Japanese style shower.  In Japan these showers are common in Ryokens.  Guests unrobe and sit on a small low stool in the male or female change rooms.  Guests wash themselves completely before entering the baths or hot springs. These are communal spaces and there’re no shower screens, unlike in Western cultures.
Villa's of Byron - Japanese Shower and Bath

Villa’s of Byron – Japanese Shower and Bath

The property also aims to be green and environmentally friendly which is one of the great things about Byron Bay.  The villa is raised which has allowed a modern composting toilet system to be utilised. As with everything in the villa it has been completed in the utmost style and elegance. The toilets are off each of the bathrooms and situated in the picturesque “Zen” courtyard. The compost toilet is operated using wood chips which were placed into the system via a wooden paddle after use.
Villa's of Byron - 2nd Bedroom

Villa’s of Byron – 2nd Bedroom

The second master bedroom was every bit as large and beautiful as the first.   There would be no second best if you were enjoying a weekend away with another couple. Each of the two bedrooms were dressed to please and included a full size bathroom, walk in closet and private courtyard.

Villa's of Byron - 2nd Bathroom

Villa’s of Byron – 2nd Bathroom

Another gorgeous water features trickled water into a stone bowl.  It was a tranquil feeling listening to the water and watching it fall whilst lying in the tub. Remembering that Byron is known for surf culture the courtyards also included an outdoor shower and plenty of room to stow a surf board.
Byron Bay Villa's Kitchen

Byron Bay Villa’s Kitchen

We were enjoying an overnight stay at The Villas of Byron and visiting the Byron Beach Cafe for dinner so I did not have the opportunity to use the gorgeous kitchen. The kitchen also looked out onto the outdoor pool area. It was a shame not to be cooking as the kitchen had stone bench tops, gorgeous appliances, Japanese chef’s knife set and kitchen cupboards full of everything you could need to cook a gourmet meal.
Needless to say I made good use of the espresso machine in the morning. We stayed in the 2 bedroom Grand Villa which is perfect for a larger group. The Villa’s of Byron have smaller villa’s available which would be perfect for a romantic couples getaway.
The Villas of Byron

The Villas of Byron

Villa’s of Byron

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Gourmet Getaways would like to thank The Villa’s of Byron for the opportunity to experience this beautiful property.  As always the views expressed in this review are a true and accurate account of our experience of the property.